6 Types Of Different Ethnic Wear Fashion Style To Follow 2024

6 Types Of Different Ethnic Wear Fashion Style To Follow 2024


The year 2023, we are seeing a lot more ethnic combined with authenticity and comfort, when it comes to ethnic wear fashion. We show a lot of our respect to our culture, traditional values and heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation. And what better way than to wear different styles of ethnic wear on occasions. The ethnic outfits before were limited to sarees and suits, but now the trends have changed. Trending ethnic wear for women has a variety of options like kurta sets, coord sets, ethnic dress, kurtas etc. 

Importance of ethnic wear fashion 

Even with the rapid change in the fashion trends, ethnic wear remains timeless and represents the culture, tradition, and individuality. Around the globe, ethnic wear holds a special place in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts.
Let’s see the significance and importance of ethnic wear - 

  • Cultural diversity 
  • Ethnic wear connects us to our roots. In India, with each culture having its own traditions, we have different styles of ethnic clothing. From suits from Punjab, sarees from Maharashtra, Gujrat, South India to lenghas of Rajasthan, ethnic wear is a visual representation of cultural richness.

  • Symbol of Individuality
  • Wearing ethnic clothing is more than simply putting on clothes; it is about embracing one's ethnicity. These garments include stories, symbolism, and histories that represent the wearer's cultural heritage. When dressed in traditional clothes, people typically feel a feeling of pride and belonging, as it serves as a reminder of who they are and where they came from.

  • Preservation of heritage 
  • In a fast globalising society, cultural preservation is more important than ever. Ethnic clothing helps to remember customs, passing down ancestral wisdom through generations. We pay honour to our forefathers' craftsmanship and skills by donning these garments, ensuring that their legacy goes on.

  • Fusion of modernity and tradition 
  • One of the qualities of ethnic wear style is its ability to adapt to modern tastes while maintaining its original essence. This combination results in a beautiful balance of heritage and modernity that appeals to both older and younger generations.

  • Celebrating Festivities
  • Ethnic clothing and celebrations go hand in hand. Wearing traditional dress at cultural festivities and festivals enriches the whole experience and provides a depth of authenticity. Ethnic apparel infuses the spirit of celebration and joy. 

    Types of ethnic wear fashion from Nero India 

    At Nero, we're all about authentic clothing with a story. Our skilled artisans specialize in traditional hand block printing and embroidery, capturing India's rich heritage. Each unique print reflects the beauty of imperfections, featuring floral motifs that echo nature's tranquility. Our harmonious blend of pastel and traditional colors exudes elegance and nostalgia.

    Nero's collections embody our love for nature and commitment to sustainability. We invite you to join us on a journey where fashion meets nature, celebrating tradition, and eco-conscious practices. Experience the allure of authentic clothing, sustainable prints, and the artistry of embroidery with Nero—a brand that speaks to both style and soul.

    Let ethnic fashion express your individuality and be a symbol of cultural pride. Lets see some trending ethnic wear fashion from Nero India - 

    Canyon Rose Coord Set  

    Introducing our Coordinated Set, an ensemble that effortlessly combines comfort and style. With a gracefully flared button-down design, crafted from luxurious Canyon Red Modal Fabric. Adorned with intricate kantha stitching, a concealed placket, and embellished buttons, it's a true embodiment of elegance. Complimenting the top is our Front Slit Freckled Printed Pants, offering both fashion and ease. With an elasticated back for a perfect fit, these pants feature a charming freckled print that adds a touch of playfulness to the ensemble. Experience the perfect harmony of fashion and comfort with our Coordinated Set.

    Blush Dahlia Kurta with Wide Leg Pants

    Presenting our Sleeveless Short Kurta, meticulously crafted from pristine White Modal Fabric. This exquisite piece is thoughtfully designed with adjustable side tie-ups, allowing you to achieve the perfect waist fit while exuding timeless elegance. Distinguished by its Blush Machine Embroidery, delicate laces, and artisanal tassels, this kurta is a showcase of unique embellishments that elevate its allure. Each detail contributes to a look that's both sophisticated and enchanting. 

    Wine Daisy Kurta with Narrow Pants

    Indulge in the elegance of our Purple Modal Fabric Kurta, where the artistry lies in the details. Crafted with precision, the kurta features captivating box pleats that infuse a graceful flare into its silhouette, ensuring a truly enchanting presence. Adorned with the exquisite Summerish Machine Embroidery and delicate lace accents, this kurta is a celebration of individuality and charm. The unique embellishments harmonize to create a look that is both sophisticated and subtly alluring. 

    Sapphire Glory Kurta

    Elevate your style with our enchanting Kurta, crafted from a captivating blend of Sapphire Blue and White Hand Block Printed Cotton Fabric. This masterpiece boasts graceful gathers that impart an exquisite flare to the silhouette, ensuring you make a stunning impression wherever you go. What sets this kurta apart is its remarkable beadwork embellishment, adding a touch of opulence that enhances its overall allure. The meticulous detailing showcases a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, making this kurta a true work of art. 

    Marina Blue Dress

    Introducing our captivating Marine Blue Pure Cotton Fabric Dress, a true embodiment of style and versatility. This dress not only offers a stunning visual appeal but also features an adjustable waist adorned with a charming dori, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit with ease.Elevating its allure, the dress is thoughtfully embellished with intricate laces and artisanal handcrafted tassels. These delicate details add a touch of enchantment, transforming the dress into a work of art that's bound to turn heads. With its captivating marine blue hue, luxurious pure cotton fabric, and exqujisite embellishments, this dress is a testament to the harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication.

    Green Glow Coord Set

    Experience the epitome of comfort and style with our meticulously designed Coord Set. This ensemble features a sophisticated collared top and front box-pleated pants, seamlessly merging fashion and ease. The Collared Top, crafted from a captivating Green Hand Block Printed Buti fabric, exudes timeless elegance. Adorned with delicate Peach Piping and bishop sleeves, this top is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements. The Striped Cotton Pants, thoughtfully designed with a front box pleat and an elasticated waistband. These pants not only accentuate the ensemble's aesthetic but also prioritize your comfort throughout the day. 

    FAQs - 

    What can we wear in ethnic wear? 

    You can wear sarees, kurta sets, kurtas, coord sets and ethnic dresses as part of ethnic wear.

    How to look different on ethnic wear? 

    To stand out in ethnic wear, consider experimenting with unique accessories, mixing and matching traditional pieces, or opting for unconventional colour combinations.

    What is ethnic fashion style? 

    Ethnic fashion style encompasses clothing and accessories inspired by cultural traditions and heritage, often characterized by traditional garments, intricate patterns, and materials rooted in specific regions or communities.

    What is an example of ethnic fashion? 

    An example of ethnic fashion is wearing a beautifully embroidered kurta with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, paired with traditional jewellery and accessories.

    What are the Indian trends for 2023?

    Some of the Indian fashion trends for 2023 include sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, revival of traditional textiles and crafts, experimentation with bold and vibrant colors, fusion of traditional and modern elements in clothing, and a focus on comfortable yet stylish.