A floral escape: Handblock printed outfits

A floral escape: Handblock printed outfits

In our busy world, taking time to appreciate nature is essential. Handblock printed outfits, adorned with pretty flowers, are a way to connect with the natural world. These outfits not only enhance the look but also show closeness to nature. Let's dive into the art of Hand Block Printing and understand why these Floral Outfits, including popular Indian Block Print kurta sets, are famous worldwide. 

Handblock printing is an ancient technique that involves carving special designs on wooden blocks, dipping them in natural colors, and pressing them onto fabric. This eco-friendly process results in unique, one-of-a-kind outfits, making block print outfits online a sustainable and fashionable choice.

Let's explore Handblock Printed Floral Outfits from Nero India - 

1. Red Floral Kurta Set

This beautiful Red Kurta is special with its unique design featuring laces and a Hand Block Printed border that adds a charming touch. The kurta comes in a vibrant combination of Red and Pink, made from soft and comfortable Hand Block Printed Cotton Fabric. With side panels and slits, it not only looks stylish but also allows easy movement. Step out in this eye-catching piece and enjoy the fashionable flair it brings to your outfit.

2. Coord Set Online 2024 

This Floral Coord Set is all about easy style and comfort. The gathered top and shorts combo is designed to keep you feeling your best while looking effortlessly fashionable. The button-down top is made from Floral Block Printed Cotton Fabric, featuring gathered sleeves and charming embroidered buttons. Paired with it are shorts in Gray cotton fabric, with a Floral Block Printed Border and an elasticated back for extra comfort. This set is perfect for a relaxed and trendy look on any day.

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3. Indigo Kurta Set With Dupatta 

This Blue Kurta is made from comfortable Indigo and White Hand Block Printed Cotton Fabric. The Kurta is uniquely adorned with pretty laces and a Floral Print, adding a special touch to its look. For a complete ensemble, pair it with Indigo Wide Leg Pants that have a Hand Block Printed Cotton Fabric. This outfit is not just fashionable but also perfect for a comfy and chic look.

4. Coord Set for Women  

This Comfy Coord Set includes a long top and straight-fit pants, crafted for both maximum comfort and a stylish appearance. The top comes in a soothing Green and Off-white Hand Block Printed cotton fabric, enhanced with pretty embroidered buttons. The set is completed with matching Geometric Green Hand Block Printed Straight Pants. It's the perfect choice for a relaxed yet fashionable look that keeps you at ease all day.

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5. Block Print Dress Online

This Shirt Dress is a charming choice made from Japanese Blossom Hand Block Printed fabric. It has panels that add a lovely flare to the dress. The dress is uniquely handcrafted, featuring elastic on the waist for a better fit, enhancing its overall look. It's a perfect blend of fashion and ease, making it an ideal choice for a trendy and comfy outfit.

We also have Hand Block Floral Kurtas for Mens Online at our store - 

6. HandBlock Kurta for Men 2024

This Men's Kurta is made from comfortable Hand Block Printed Cotton fabric, perfect for a stylish and relaxed look. With full-length sleeves, it's a classic choice that combines fashion and comfort seamlessly. Step out in this kurta to enjoy a blend of traditional style and ease, ideal for various occasions.

7. Indigo Kurta Set for Men Online

This Blue Men's Kurta is crafted from comfy Hand Block Printed Cotton fabric. It comes with full-length sleeves for a classic look. The kurta is uniquely handcrafted, featuring an Indigo Floral Print. For a complete outfit, pair it with White Cotton Narrow Pants. This outfit effortlessly combines comfort and style, making it an excellent choice for various occasions.

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Handblock printed outfits with floral designs aren't just outfits—they're a fun way to connect with nature and celebrate traditional craftsmanship. We offer not just Traditional Hand Block Printed Kurta sets for men and women, but also a variety of handblock printed options, from dresses to accessories like scrunchies, travel kits, and accessory pouches. With their special charm and eco-friendly features, these Hand Block Prints are gaining popularity. So, why not join the fun and enhance your wardrobe with some floral style? Explore our website for more… 


1. What is handblock printing?

Ans - Handblock printing is an old way of putting designs on clothes. Crafty people carve special designs on wooden blocks. These blocks are dipped in natural colors and stamped onto fabric. It makes unique and pretty patterns on clothes.

2. Are handblock printed outfits eco-friendly?

Ans - Yes, they are! Handblock printed outfits often use natural dyes and traditional methods. This makes them better for the environment compared to some other ways of making clothes. It's a more eco-friendly choice.

3. Can I find handblock printed options for accessories?

Ans- Absolutely! In addition to clothing, you can find handblock printed options for accessories like scrunchies, travel kits, and accessory pouches. These items have the same beautiful prints and add a touch of style to your everyday things.

4. Why are handblock printed outfits popular?

Ans-  Handblock printed outfits are popular because they're not just clothes – they're a way to connect with nature. The floral designs and traditional craftsmanship give them a special charm. People love them for their unique patterns and eco-friendly features, making them a trendy choice.