Festive Collection Lookbook from Nero India: Style Inspiration for Every Occasion

Festive Collection Lookbook from Nero India: Style Inspiration for Every Occasion


Have you ever caught yourself  wondering what to wear for a festive occasion?
Nero India's latest festive collection lookbook is here to sprinkle that extra dash of elegance to your celebrations. It's an amalgamation of rich heritage and modern couture, ensuring you are the star of all eyes.

The Essence of the Collection

Modern Twists in Traditional Designs

Nero's design philosophy is deeply rooted in respecting the rich tapestry of the past. Yet, it is not confined by it. With a deep appreciation for tradition, Nero's designers have brilliantly interwoven contemporary aesthetics. The collection is a testament to this unique approach, where one can witness the delicate dance of modernity and timeless heritage.

Dive deep into this festive collection, which captures the spirit of summer with its radiant hues and effortless silhouettes. The artistry is further elevated with hand block prints, a craft that's been cherished through ages. Every piece tells a story, inviting you to become a part of this beautiful amalgamation of the old and new.

Here is the festive collection lookbook from Nero India 

Sunflower Charm Kurta with Wide Leg Pants

Adorn yourself in a radiant kurta that captures the vibrant hues of sunflower yellow, perfectly contrasted with white printed motifs. The design takes a playful turn with thoughtful gathers and paneling, lending an added flare and dynamism to the silhouette. What sets it apart is the intricate white beadwork that graces the fabric, elevating its elegance manifold. For a harmonious and chic ensemble, pair this kurta with wide-leg pants. These pants, crafted in pristine white cotton, showcase subtle pintucks, effortlessly blending comfort with style. Dive into this ensemble and let every step you take radiate grace and sophistication.

Fuchsia Rosa Anarkali

Experience the epitome of grace with an Anarkali Kurta drenched in a vivid fuchsia pink, crafted from the luxurious touch of cotton satin fabric. Its design, boasting multiple panels, flows with an elegance that's both traditional and contemporary. The kurta is further elevated by the shimmering gold gota laces, intricately placed to accentuate its beauty. To complete this regal ensemble, it is paired with fuchsia pink wide-leg Chanderi pants. These pants, mirroring the kurta's opulence, are adorned with gold gota laces, bringing forth an ensemble that's both cohesive and captivating. Step out in this attire, and let every gaze be drawn to its mesmerizing allure.

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Indigo Chintz Angrakha with Narrow Pants

Embrace elegance with an Angrakha Kurta, rendered in the deep shades of indigo and adorned with the timeless art of Chintz hand block printing. Its design is both functional and fashionable, featuring a side tie-up that effortlessly allows waist adjustment, ensuring not just a perfect fit but also adding a touch of whimsical charm. The kurta's splendor is amplified with meticulous white Aari embroidery, intricately placed beadwork, and the finishing touch of handcrafted tassels, each element thoughtfully curated to enhance its allure. To harmoniously complete this ensemble, pair the kurta with narrow pants, tailored in the same rich indigo hue, crafted from premium cotton fabric. This combination promises not just style, but a story woven with tradition and modernity.

Rose Gota Kurti with Garara

Step into a realm of grace with a kurta exquisitely crafted in petunia pink, brought to life with the timeless beauty of hand block printing on premium cotton fabric. Its design, accentuated with strategic slits, adds an element of fluidity and movement, making every step you take feel like a dance. Elevating its innate elegance, the kurta is adorned with shimmering rose gold gota laces, intricately placed to catch every ray of light. To complement and contrast this pastel perfection, pair it with a vibrant crimson red garara. The garara, not just content with its rich hue, is also embellished with matching rose gold gota laces, making the ensemble a symphony of tradition, color, and craftsmanship.

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Emerald Dori Kurta with Wide Leg Pants

Dive into the depths of elegance with a kurta fashioned in a rich emerald green, made from the plush touch of cotton satin fabric. Its design is a testament to thoughtful craftsmanship, with panels that seamlessly add flare, lending an ethereal flow to the silhouette. But what truly sets it apart is the embellishment: shimmering gold gota laces paired with intricate gold zari dori embroidery, each meticulously placed to magnify its splendor. For a cohesive and stately ensemble, pair this masterpiece with wide-leg Chanderi pants in the same luxurious emerald hue. These pants, in sync with the kurta's grandeur, are adorned with the gleam of gold gota laces, completing an outfit that's bound to turn heads with its regal charm.

Warm Olive Kurta 

Immerse yourself in the epitome of sophistication with a kurta, painted in the tranquil shades of olive lime, woven from the luxurious touch of cotton satin fabric. The deliberate panels add a dimension of flare to the silhouette, bringing it to life with each sway. Its intrinsic charm is further amplified by the rose gold gota laces combined with the intricate silver zari dori embroidery, each detail beautifully accentuating its elegance. For the perfect ensemble, adorn it with wide-leg Chanderi pants in a matching warm olive hue. These pants, graced with gleaming silver gota laces, complement the kurta, weaving together a tale of tradition and modern grace.

Pearl Marine Kurta with Wide Leg Pants

Radiate elegance in a kurta crafted from electric blue modal fabric, an embodiment of contemporary finesse. The design boasts intricate pleats and innovative fabric manipulation, lending an added layer of flare and movement to the silhouette. Enhancing its allure, the kurta is adorned with white pearls intertwined with gota laces, seamlessly weaving together a picture of grace and luxury. To complete this ensemble of opulence, don it with wide-leg Chanderi pants in the same striking electric blue, fashioned from silky modal. These pants come to life with the sparkle of gold gota laces, ensuring that every step you take is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Cherry Zari Kurta

The vibrancy of a kurta fashioned from cherry red silky modal fabric, capturing the essence of elegance and modern flair. The design is accentuated by a gracefully elongated yoke, complemented with strategic slits that infuse a sense of fluidity and rhythm with every step. The brilliance of the kurta is further enhanced by the intricate gold zari aari embroidery and the luminous touch of gold gota laces. Each detail, meticulously curated, comes together to paint a picture of regality, making it a statement piece that stands out in any festive gathering.

Ivory Buta Kurta with Wide Leg Pants

Showcase timeless elegance with a kurta that seamlessly blends the serene shades of ivory and crimson red, realized through the traditional hand block printing technique on fine cotton fabric. The kurta's design is accentuated by well-crafted pleats, adding a dynamic flare to the silhouette. Adding to its visual charm, the piece is detailed with machine-embroidered floral bunches and intricate laces, collectively enhancing its overall appeal. To round off the look, pair it with white wide-leg pants, which are set apart by the distinctive stripes hand block printed on cotton fabric panels, crafting an ensemble that epitomizes both tradition and modern sophistication.


In a fashion-forward world, Nero India emerges as a beacon, harmoniously fusing traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics. The kurta, brimming with intricate details, and paired with the carefully crafted pants, is a prime example of Nero India's commitment to celebrating the rich tapestry of artisanal craftsmanship. By choosing such ensembles from Nero India, one doesn't merely select an outfit; instead, they embrace a narrative, a tradition, and a legacy that seamlessly finds its place in today's style narrative. It's a reminder that while trends come and go, the essence of timeless elegance and heritage always finds its voice.