Navratri Outfit Ideas: What to Wear for the Navratri Festival 2024

Navratri Outfit Ideas: What to Wear for the Navratri Festival 2024


Navratri is a Hindu festival that typically lasts for nine nights and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion. The word "Navratri" is derived from two Sanskrit words: "Nav" meaning nine and "Ratri" meaning night. It is celebrated to honour and worship the goddess Durga, who symbolizes the divine feminine energy and power.

Navratri is known for its colourful and lively celebrations. People dress in ethnic wear for Navratri, participate in community gatherings, and engage in various cultural activities. One of the highlights of Navratri is the traditional dance forms of Dandiya and Garba, where people dance in circles with colourful sticks or with intricate footwork.

Navratri outfit ideas from Nero India 

Navratri is celebrated over a period of nine nights, and each night is associated with a specific colour theme. These colour themes hold cultural and symbolic significance. Here are the traditional Navratri colour themes for each day:

Day 1 - Orange

The Carrot Foliage Kurta in Mecca Orange Modal Fabric is a stunning choice for Navratri. Its vibrant orange colour represents brightness and a new beginning, perfectly in tune with the spirit of the festival. This kurta is uniquely embellished with Blush Aari Embroidery, adding an exquisite touch to its design. Handcrafted tassels further beautify the look, making it an ideal outfit to celebrate Navratri in style and elegance. 

Day 2 - White 

Wearing the Sheer Daisy Kurta in White, symbolizing purity and peace, is a graceful choice. This Kurta in White Modal Fabric features box pleats that add a delightful flare to the silhouette, making it a stylish and elegant option.

Day 3 - Red 

The Poppy Red Kurta, crafted in Poppy Red Cotton Satin Fabric, embodies the symbolism of red, representing strength and power. Its design, featuring pleats and a straight silhouette, adds an element of sophistication. Uniquely embellished with different laces, this kurta further enhances its captivating appearance, making it a bold and empowering choice.

Day 4 - Blue 

Blue signifies the divine and infinite. You can elevate your style by wearing our Sapphire Glory Kurta. This kurta is designed in Sapphire Blue and White Hand Block Printed Cotton Fabric, and it features gathers that add a graceful flare to the silhouette. It's a stunning choice to enhance your look.

Day 5 - Yellow 

Yellow represents positivity and happiness. The Vibrant Daffodil Kurta is an Angrakha-style kurta made from Blazing Yellow Cotton Satin Fabric. It comes with a side tie-up feature, allowing you to adjust the waist for a perfect fit. This vibrant piece adds a lively touch to your wardrobe.

Day 6 - Green 

Green symbolizes growth, fertility, and the calming energy of nature. To celebrate the green day, consider wearing the Fresh Foliage Kurta. This kurta is crafted from Parrot Green Modal Fabric and features a straight fit. What sets it apart is its unique embellishment with Lime Aari Embroidery and handcrafted tassels, which add a beautiful and distinctive touch to its overall appearance.

Day 7 - Grey 

The color represents immense bravery and fortitude, much like our Ivory Pearl Kurta. This kurta is tailored from Ivory Cotton Satin Fabric and features princess paneling for an A-line fit. Adding to its elegance is the Pearl Pink Dori Piping connecting the panels and pearls embroidered on the neckline, enhancing its overall charm.

Day 8 - Purple 

Purple signifies spirituality and enlightenment. Introducing the Wine Daisy Kurta, designed in Purple Modal Fabric with box pleats that add a graceful flare to the silhouette. What sets it apart is its unique embellishment with Summerish Machine Embroidery and laces, which beautifully enhance its appearance and make it a standout choice.

Day 9 - Pink 

Pink represents love and hope. The Pearl G  in lory Kurta, a charming choice for your wardrobe. This kurta is crafted from Pink and Maroon Printed Cotton Fabric and features gathers that add a graceful flare to the silhouette. It's a delightful addition to your collection.

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In conclusion, our Navratri clothing inspiration draws from the vibrant colors and festive wear that encapsulate the spirit of this joyful celebration. Our collection is designed to embrace the rich traditions and symbolism of Navratri, offering you a wide range of options to celebrate this auspicious occasion with style and grace.



Q1: Which dress is best for Navratri?

Ans: The best dress for Navratri often incorporates traditional attire with vibrant colours like Chaniya Cholis for women and Kurta Pajamas for men, reflecting the festive spirit and cultural significance of the occasion.

Q2: What are Navratri clothes called?

Ans: Navratri clothes are often called traditional Indian attire, with specific names like Chaniya Cholis or Ghagra Cholis for women and Kurta Pajamas or Dhoti Kurtas for men, reflecting the cultural and festive nature of the celebration.

Q3: What should we wear at the Navratri function?

Ans: For Navratri functions, it's customary to wear traditional Indian attire. Women often choose Chaniya Cholis or Ghagra Cholis, while men opt for Kurta Pajamas or Dhoti Kurtas. These outfits reflect the festive spirit and cultural significance of the occasion. Don't forget to incorporate vibrant colors to add to the celebratory atmosphere.