Travel-Friendly Fabric Care: Tips for Keeping Clothes Fresh on the Go

Travel-Friendly Fabric Care: Tips for Keeping Clothes Fresh on the Go

Hey there, Travellers! Are you ready to embark on your next adventure with Nero India’s comfy and breathable ethnic wear? Whether you're exploring ancient monuments or going through vibrant markets, we know you want to keep your clothes looking fresh and fabulous. Explore our  Ethnic Wear collection which is comfy, fashionable & travel-friendly. 

Here are some travel-friendly fabric care tips 2024: 

1. Roll, Don't Fold: 

Instead of folding your Kurtas, try rolling them. This will not only save space in your suitcase but also helps prevent wrinkles. 

2. Use garment bags:

Invest in some garment bags to protect your clothes from dust and dirt while travelling. They're especially great for delicate fabrics like silk and tissue.

3. Spot clean stains:

Accidents happen, but that doesn't mean your clothes are ruined. Carry a small stain remover pen or wipes to quickly tackle any stains that may occur.

4. Hang your Clothes in air:

When you arrive at your destination, unpack your clothes and hang them up to air out. This helps freshen them up after being cooped up in your suitcase.

5. Know Your Fabrics:

Different fabrics require different care. Know the care instructions for your clothes to ensure they stay looking their best. Here are some care tips for different fabrics of Kurtas & Kurta Sets from Nero India - 

a) Cotton Fabric:

    - Travel Care: Roll your cotton kurtas instead of folding to prevent wrinkles. Spot clean to remove stains. Air dry to freshen up after unpacking.

    - Tip: Pack a small bottle of gentle detergent to hand wash if needed.

    Tissue Fabric:

    - Travel Care: Pack Tissue Fabric kurtas in garment bags to protect from dust. Hang in a well-ventilated area upon arrival. Use a fabric protector spray to prevent stains.

    - Tip: Carry a small lint roller to keep the fabric looking clean and fresh.

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    b) Silky Modal Fabric:

      - Travel Care: Fold your silky modal kurtas with tissue paper to prevent creases. Use a travel-sized steamer to remove wrinkles. Keep it out in the air.

      - Tip: Avoid overpacking to prevent excessive wrinkling.

      c) Cotton Satin Fabric:

        - Travel Care: Pack cotton satin kurtas in garment bags to protect from wrinkles. Hang in a steamy bathroom to remove wrinkles. Use a dryer sheet to keep them smelling fresh.

        - Tip: Use a travel-sized iron on a low setting to touch up any wrinkles.

        6. Steaming, Not Ironing:

        Instead of lugging around a bulky iron, opt for a travel-sized steamer. It's quick, easy, and gentle on your clothes.

        7. Embrace Multi-Functional Pieces:

        Choose clothes that can be easily mixed and matched to create different looks. This way, you can pack less and still have plenty of outfit options.

        8. Use Dryer Sheets:

        Throw a few dryer sheets into your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Plus, they can help reduce static cling.

        9. Pack Lightly:

        Lastly, try to pack only what you need. The lighter your suitcase, the less likely your clothes are to get wrinkled.

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        So, there you have it! With these simple tips, you can keep your Nero India ethnic wear looking as good as new no matter where your travels take you. 

        Happy exploring!


        Can I use the same care tips for other types of clothing besides kurtas?

        Ans- Absolutely! While these tips are tailored for kurta fabrics, many of them can be applied to other types of clothing as well. Just make sure to check the care instructions for each specific garment.

        How do I remove stains from my kurtas while travelling?

        Ans- Carry a small stain remover pen or wipes with you to quickly tackle any stains that may occur. If you don't have a stain remover, you can try using a small amount of gentle detergent and water to spot clean the stain.

        What makes your ethnic wear collection travel-friendly?

        Ans - Our ethnic wear collection is designed with lightweight and breathable fabrics that are perfect for travel. They are also easy to care for, so you can look fashionable without worrying about wrinkles or stains while on the go.

        Are your travel-friendly ethnic wear pieces suitable for all body types?

        Ans- Yes, our collection is designed to be inclusive and flattering for all body types. Whether you prefer loose and flowy styles or more fitted silhouettes, you'll find something that fits and flatters your unique shape.

        Does Nero India have ethnic wear pieces for special occasions?

        Ans- Absolutely! Our collection features versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair a kurta with jeans for a casual look or style it with statement jewellery and accessories for a more formal affair. We have special collections for festive & other occasions.