12 Best Colour Combination For Suits For Different Occasions

12 Best Colour Combination For Suits For Different Occasions

Welcome to Nero India’s Latest Ethnic Collection of “Jashn-e-mehfil” where we unveil the 12 best colour combinations for sets that will transform your look! Are you eager to add a splash of excitement to your wardrobe? Our selections, especially in Anarkali set and Kurta set colour combinations, blend traditional elegance with rich tapestry. From timeless classics to bold, contemporary hues, we guide you through a spectrum of choices perfect for any event. Whether it's a wedding, festival, or a special gathering, our expertly chosen kurta set will ensure you make a striking impression. Immerse yourself in a world of deep jewel tones, soothing pastels, and vivid contrasts. Get ready to explore our top 12 best colour combinations for sets and dress to impress with a unique blend of style and tradition. Let's embark on this colourful journey together!

Best Colour Combination of Kurta Sets for Women 2023 

1. Rani Pink Kurta Set with Golden Yellow Dupatta

The Women Rani Pink Kurta Set features Pink Zari Kurta Set includes a charming rani pink tissue fabric kurta, designed with stylish slits for graceful movement. It's beautifully decorated with Aari zari embroidery and sequins, adding a touch of elegance. This set is complemented with wide-leg pants in the same rani pink tissue fabric, also adorned with Zari embroidery, and is accompanied by a striking golden yellow dupatta to complete the ensemble, it is the Best Colour Combination for a Kurta Set

2. Golden Yellow Kurta Set for Ladies

The Women's Golden Yellow Kurta Set, "Sunshine Shimmer", showcases a dazzling kurta in golden yellow tissue fabric, accentuated with a box pleat for a graceful flare. This set is beautifully enhanced with gold sequins and Aari zari embroidery, adding a touch of elegance and sparkle to the design.

3. Women’s Green and Purple Kurta Set.

The Anarkali suit combination colour of Green Angrakha Set paired with a Purple Scallop Dupatta offers a stunning look. The Angrakha kurta, crafted in meadow green tissue fabric, features a side tie-up to adjust the waist, and is beautifully adorned with gold Dori embroidery, sequins, and handcrafted tassels. It's paired with narrow green tissue fabric pants, also embellished with gold Dori embroidery and sequins, creating a perfect Anarkali suit combination colour.

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4. Purple Anarkali Set

The Purple Anarkali sets a new suit colour combination trend with its elegant purple tissue fabric kurta, featuring a side tie-up for waist adjustment. It's uniquely adorned with gold Dori embroidery, sequins, and handcrafted tassels, adding a touch of sophistication to this new suit colour combination.

5. Red Kurta with Golden Dupatta Online

The Rustic Shimmer Kurta with Golden Shimmer Dupatta presents an exquisite Ladies Suit Colour Combination. The kurta, in a rich rust red tissue fabric, features a box pleat for added flare and is elegantly embellished with gold sequins and Aari zari embroidery. Complementing it is the gold Mul Chanderi dupatta, gracefully draped and adorned with gold Zari embroidery, sequined flowers, and a gold Chanderi stripe border, making it a stunning example of ladies suit colour combination. 

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6. Cranberry Pink Kurta Set

The Cranberry Charm Kurta Set is a delightful girl suit colour combination featuring a kurta in cranberry pink and white printed fabric. The design includes paneling that adds flare to the silhouette, and is uniquely adorned with white beadwork for an enhanced look. Paired with narrow white cotton pants embellished with lace, this ensemble is a perfect representation of a stylish girl suit colour combination.

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7. Olive Green Anarkali Suit

The Moss Gota Anarkali, an Olive Green Anarkali Set, presents a stunning design in moss green tissue fabric, featuring multiple panels for an elegant silhouette. It's uniquely enhanced with gold gota laces, adding a touch of grace and beauty to this exquisite Olive Green Anarkali Set.

8. Neon Green Kurta Set with Dupatta

The Pearl Neon Kurta Set for Women features a vivid neon green modal fabric kurta, designed with pleats and fabric that adds a flared silhouette. It is uniquely adorned with white pearls and gota laces, enhancing its beauty. This set is paired with a neon green and turquoise organza patchwork dupatta, delicately draped and detailed with gota lace, adding a vibrant and elegant touch to the ensemble.

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9. Lilac Kurta Set for Women 

The Light Pink Kurta Set features an Elegant Kurti for Women in iris lilac cotton satin fabric, designed with slits for added movement and organza detailing on the sleeves. This set is intricately embellished with silver Zari Dori embroidery and rose gold Gota laces, enhancing its sophisticated look. It's perfectly paired with iris lilac cotton satin wide-leg pants, adorned with rose gold Zari Dori embroidery and rose gold Gota lace, complemented by an organza panel.

10 .Pure Cotton Kurta Sets

The Pink & Green Kurta set, is a Cotton Kurta Set with Dupatta for Women, features a hand block printed cotton fabric in shades of pink and greens. The kurta, designed with gathers, adds a flared silhouette and is uniquely embellished with dori piping and laces, creating a beautifully detailed and vibrant ensemble.

11. Cotton Kurti Pant Set with Dupatta

The Pink and Red Kurta Set  showcases a stunning kurta colour combination of carnation pink and crimson red in hand block printed cotton fabric. Designed with gathers to enhance the silhouette, this kurta is uniquely adorned with Aari embroidery and beadwork. 

12. Pure Cotton White Kurta Set 

The White & Red Kurta Combination is a graceful ensemble in red hand block printed cotton fabric, featuring pleats that create a flared silhouette. This Cotton Kurta is beautifully enhanced with machine-embroidered floral bunches and elegant laces, all crafted in Pure Cotton, making it a perfect blend of tradition and style.



Selecting the right Colour Combination for your suit can significantly elevate your style for various occasions, each combination we've explored offers its own unique charm. The 12 best colour combinations we've discussed not only cater to personal styles but also adapt beautifully to different settings. Whether you're attending a casual get-together or a grand festive celebration, these colour pairings ensure you look your best while embracing the essence of the occasion. Remember, the key is to choose colours that resonate with your personality and the event's mood, making your suit a reflection of your individuality and the spirit of the celebration.



1. What's the Best Suit colour Combination?

Ans:  A lot of colour combinations work well for Kurta Sets, such as golden with red, pink with green, or white with red. Just make sure the colours you choose reflect your personal style.

2. What Suit Colours are Trendy Right Now?

Ans: Trendy suit colour combinations include navy blue with aqua blue, white with blue, yellow with pink, and green with yellow. These combinations give a fresh and modern look.

3. Which colours Look Best on Anarkali Suits?

Ans : Elegant combinations like red with gold, golden with red, and white with red suit Anarkali suits well, complimenting their sophisticated style.

4. What are Two colours That Pair Well Together?

Ans: White and red pair beautifully together, offering a serene and sophisticated look suitable for various occasions.

5. What Suit colour Combination is Best for Summer?

Ans: For summer, combinations like white with red, neon green, and pink with green are great. These bright and light colours bring a refreshing vibe to hot summer days.