Diwali Glamour with trendy ethnic wear: Top Picks for a Sparkling Celebration

Diwali Glamour with trendy ethnic wear: Top Picks for a Sparkling Celebration


Diwali, the festival of lights, not only illuminates homes but also sets the stage for a dazzling display of ethnic styles. As families come together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil, they do so in resplendent traditional attire that reflects the depth and diversity of India's cultural heritage. Vibrant & intricately embroidered designed kurta-pajamas adorn men and women alike, while the sparkle of jewellery adds an extra layer of elegance. Diwali is a time when people take great care in selecting their ethnic outfits, with each garment and accessory carrying its own symbolic significance, making the festival a vibrant and visually enchanting celebration of tradition and style.

Top picks from Nero India’s festive edit  

In the heart of the festive panorama, the 'Hues of Joy '23' collection from Nero India emerges as a symphonic blend of tradition and modernity. Every piece from this edit sings a tale of vibrant palettes, meticulous craftsmanship, and the ever-evolving spirit of Indian festivities. This latest ethnic wear collection, a magnum opus of design, draws inspiration from the myriad colors that define joy in every Indian celebration. From the deep magentas of marigold garlands to the serene blues of twilight ceremonies, each attire stands as a testament to India's rich tapestry of culture and festivity. As the name suggests, the hues truly encapsulate the myriad emotions and happiness that the year 2023 brings. 

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Ethnic Diwali Outfits 2023

1. Red Kurta with Pants

Carnation Jaal Kurta with Wide Leg Pants

Delicately crafted from hand block printed cotton fabric, this vibrant kurta embodies the rich shades of crimson red and carnation pink. Its design is further enhanced with side panels and slits, ensuring a flowy movement with every step. The unique addition of ornate laces and a hand block printed border accentuates its overall elegance. To complete the ensemble, pair the kurta with our matching crimson red wide-leg pants. These pants stand out with their stripe motifs, showcased on the hand block printed cotton fabric panels. The design not only offers comfort but also adds a dash of contemporary flair to the traditional look.

2. Kurta With Pant And Dupatta 

Elegantly tailored from cotton satin fabric, this kurta exudes an aura of grace in a rich shade of emerald green. Designed with strategic panels, it beautifully flares out, lending a regal silhouette to the wearer. The piece is artfully adorned with shimmering gold gota laces and intricate gold zari dori embroidery, enhancing its luxurious appeal. Matching Kurta With Pant And Dupatt with our refined emerald green wide-leg pants, also crafted from the smooth cotton satin. Their design is accentuated by the radiant gold gota laces, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary style.

3. Zari Work Kurta With Narrow Pants

Exuding elegance, this kurta is meticulously crafted from a silky modal fabric in a captivating cherry red hue. It features an elongated yoke and slits, lending a graceful flow and movement to the piece. The kurta is further accentuated by the intricate gold zari aari embroidery and shimmering gold gota laces, adding an opulent touch to its aesthetics. Amplify the ensemble by pairing the Zari Work Kurta With Narrow Pants. These pants are adorned with the same exquisite gold zari aari embroidery and gold gota lace, harmoniously tying the outfit together and radiating an aura of timeless sophistication.

4. Pink Zari Border Kurta With Narrow Pants

Immerse yourself in elegance with this Pink Zari kurta, exquisitely tailored from a silky modal fabric in a delicate lotus pink shade. Its design boasts an extended yoke and thoughtfully placed slits, offering a graceful sway with every step. The kurta's allure is elevated by the intricate rose gold zari aari embroidery and glistening rose gold gota laces, weaving a tale of refined beauty and craftsmanship. Complete the ensemble with the perfectly coordinated lotus pink modal silk narrow pants. Adorned with the same meticulous rose gold zari aari embroidery and rose gold gota lace, these pants echo the kurta's elegance, ensuring a harmonious and sophisticated look.

5. Kurta With Side Dori With Pants 

Step into elegance with this kurti, meticulously fashioned from cotton satin fabric in the dreamy shade of iris lilac. Thoughtfully designed with slits for added movement, it incorporates delicate organza in the sleeves for a touch of sheer sophistication. The kurti's beauty is further elevated by intricate silver zari dori embroidery and the radiant touch of rose gold gota laces, making it a masterclass in refined detailing. Accentuate the ensemble with the matching iris lilac cotton satin wide-leg pants. Adorned with the opulence of rose gold zari dori embroidery and rose gold gota lace, they also feature a sheer organza panel, harmoniously mirroring the kurtia design and completing a look of timeless grace.

6. Blue Ethnic Kurta

Dive into vibrant elegance with this Blue Kurta, crafted from a sumptuous modal fabric in a striking electric blue. The incorporation of delicate pleats and skillful fabric manipulation bestows a flared silhouette that dances with grace. Adorning the kurta are exquisite white pearls and gota laces, lending an air of regal charm to its vibrant hue. : Elevate the ensemble with the perfectly coordinated electric blue silky modal chanderi wide-leg pants. These pants shimmer with the opulence of gold gota laces, beautifully complementing the kurta and framing a look that exudes both modern flair and timeless sophistication.

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Embrace the Glamour of Diwali with Ethnic Wear

Diwali is a time of celebration, of new beginnings, and of expressing ourselves. And there's no better way to express oneself than through fashion. So, this Diwali, let your light shine brightest with trendy ethnic wear.


Q1. Why is ethnic wear popular during Diwali?

Ans: Ethnic wear resonates with the traditions and essence of Diwali, making it the preferred choice.

Q2: Can I mix and match modern accessories with ethnic wear?

Ans: Absolutely! A blend of modern and traditional can create a unique and striking look.

Q3: How do I choose the right outfit from Nero India’s collection?

Ans: Consider the occasion, your personal style, and comfort. Nero's diverse collection ensures there’s something for everyone.

Q4: Are there any specific colors I should avoid during Diwali?

Ans:  Traditionally, black is avoided. However, fashion is about personal expression. Choose colors that resonate with you.

Q5: How can I maintain the quality of my ethnic wear post-Diwali?

Ans: Dry cleaning is recommended for most ethnic wear. Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.