How to wear dupatta in different styles: Unique Styling Ideas

How to wear dupatta in different styles: Unique Styling Ideas


A dupatta is the one thing that can be made as a statement piece. If you know ethnic dupatta wrapping ideas then you have got every traditional outfit covered. From stunning net dupattas to flowy organza, these beautiful accessories come in different styles and fabric allowing you to find a perfect match for all your Indian wear fits. If you need some inspiration and casual dupatta styling tips we have got you covered!! 

What is a dupatta? 

A dupatta is a traditional piece of cloth worn by women in South Asia. It is a long, rectangular scarf that is often paired with a variety of garments, such as the salwar kameez, lehenga, or even with jeans and tops in contemporary fashion.

Traditionally, the dupatta was worn over the shoulders and draped across the chest, symbolizing modesty. Over time, its use has evolved to include numerous ways of draping, accessorizing, and even designing it, with various embroideries, colours, patterns, and fabrics. While originally a symbol of modesty, the dupatta today also serves as a fashion accessory, with many women choosing to wear or omit it based on personal style and comfort.

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Creative ways to wear for a Dupatta- 

There are many creative ways to style a dupatta, here are 10 unique styling ideas which will enhance your look. 

1. One arm: Hang the dupatta over one shoulder, letting it fall naturally for an asymmetrical appeal.

2. Elbow style: Drape it over both shoulders but let one end hang around the elbow, giving an effortless chic vibe.

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3. High neck: Twist and drape around the neck like a scarf, offering a sophisticated touch.

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4. Both the sides: Hang the dupatta evenly on both shoulders for a traditional and balanced look.

5 .Full open: Let the dupatta flow open, unpleated and wide, cascading down your back.


The versatility of a dupatta allows it to be much more than just a traditional accessory. From the elegant drapes of the saree and saree styles to the modern twists of the high neck and elbow styles, these ten unique ideas showcase the endless possibilities in which a dupatta can elevate an outfit. By experimenting with these draping techniques, one can seamlessly blend tradition and contemporary fashion, making the dupatta an indispensable tool in any fashion-forward wardrobe. Whether you're aiming for a casual, chic, or formal look, there's a dupatta style waiting to complement your ensemble perfectly.

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Q1: How do you style a dupatta statement?

Ans: A dupatta is styled as a statement by creatively draping it to compliment or contrast with the outfit. Its choice of fabric, colors, and embroidery can enhance the overall look.

Q2: How to style a fancy dupatta?

Ans: To style a fancy dupatta, drape it elegantly over a solid-colored or subtly designed outfit to let its intricate designs shine, and pair with coordinated jewelry and heels to accentuate its luxurious appeal.

Q3: How to drape dupatta stylishly?

Ans: To drape a dupatta stylishly, start by choosing a method that compliments your outfit, such as wrapping it around your neck like a scarf, letting it hang asymmetrically over one shoulder, pleating it neatly before draping, or pinning it up in a saree style. 

Q4: How to style a dupatta with a kurti?

Ans: To style a dupatta with a kurti, drape it over one shoulder for a modern twist or traditionally over both shoulders, complementing the kurti's design, while adding contrasting or matching accessories to elevate the look.